Brixton offers a variety of hats and caps for the modern hat lover. You can find the Brixton brand hat or cap that will suit your looks at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store, and on our online hat store with fast shipping.

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Brood Snap Cap
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Brood Snap Cap

Brixton: A Contemporary Californian State of Mind

The Brixton company was founded in 2004 in Oceanside, California by three like-minded friends and designers that sought to blend traditional and modern aesthetics. Influenced by California’s rich and varied culture, music, people, and natural environment, their lifelong commitment is to share their appreciation and unique vision through a collection of affordable and colorful, unique hats.

Brixton Hats

Both modern and stylish, Brixton hats are designed in such a way to make them suitable for relaxed and formal wear. Brixton hats in Canada are designed for everyday wear and wherever you go, people will notice you have a fine eye for fashion when they tell you “Is that a Brixton leather hat ?” 

Brixton Caps

Brixton Caps, just like their hats, reflect the company’s brilliance when blending modern styles and traditional aesthetics. The Brood Snap Cap is one telling example: this cotton newsboy cap’s design and quality of construction would have made it a sought-after item even back in the 19th century!

How to clean a Brixton Hat?

Cleaning a hat is a delicate endeavor. While cleaning a flat cap is relatively easy so long as it is not soaked and only spot-cleaned, cleaning a felt undoes a hat’s shape and requires the appropriate skills and tools to restore. Trust Henri Henri’s professional team of hatter to clean and reblock your hats and caps!