Trilby Hats for Women

Trilbys have long been one of the most recognizable hats styles out there. Elegant and versatile, this style was originally created for and named after a woman: Trilby O’Ferrall, a novel character. Join with Henri Henri a longstanding tradition of trendse

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Trilbys: Short-Brimmed Fedoras

Classic trilby hats for women are a subset of the larger women’s fedora family. They can be recognized by their short, asymmetric brims worn up in the back and down in the front, and their shallow teardrop crown. This versatile hat is both beautiful and versatile, making trilby hats for women a must in anyone’s wardrobe. Find your trilby sun hats for women made by some of the most prestigious hatmakers from around the world at Henri Henri! Looking for another fedora hat? Come and discover all our hats for women!

A Hat for Any Occasion

The trilby hat has long been worn by famous artists such as Madonna, Rihana, and many more extraordinary performers. It is prized for its versatility and playful style, which can easily conform to both dressy and casual looks. Find your women’s trilby hat today and know that whatever the occasion, you’ll always have the perfect hat for it!

Trilbys In All Materials

Whatever the weather you have to face, there is a stylish and fashionable trilby hat that will match your needs. Some of our best-selling hats throughout the year are trilby hats for women and here is our selection of best trilby hats : 

  • The Panizza Barri, a simple and elegant wool felt trilby with timeless style.
  • The Bailey Mannes, a crushable, rollable and vented waterproof trilby sun hat for women.
  • And the fresh and stylish Göttmann Onyx are all great examples of classic, fashionable women’s trilbys.

Trilbys and Show-Business

As with fedoras, trilby hats inspired many a hatmaker and designer after the premiere of a theatre play: Trilby, an adaptation of George Du Maurier’s novel. The main character of the play, Trilby, is a young factory worker enthralled by an evil hypnotist. She wears a short-brimmed, asymmetric fedora that rapidly became the latest fashion. Trilbys have since been worn by many entertainers, from Frank Sinatra to Justin Timberlake, from Madonna to Rihana.