Stetson Europe Caps

Stetson Europe, the legendary brand’s european division, makes caps of modern and vintage styles and high quality scarves for all seasons. Come to Montreal’s own Henri Henri hat store to discover the Stetson Europe cap or scarf you need!

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Stetson Europe : A European Touch for an American Legend

Stetson Europe produces Stetson branded caps and scarves for all seasons under license. All made of high quality materials and with a care for the craft, Stetson Europe caps and scarves blend european style with an acute appreciation of american aesthetics. Come to the Henri Henri hat store and discover the beanie, cap, or scarf that will complement your outfits in any season!

Stetson Europe Caps

You will find among our selection of Stetson Europe caps a great variety of trucker caps, which feature a wide front panel bearing elaborate logos in the front and a snapback adjustable vented mesh backside. The Dirt Track Racing Trucker Cap is one of Henri Henri’s best-selling trucker caps.

You will also find a large selection of retro-chic newsboy caps for fall, winter and summer. Inspired by the elegance and rough charm of Irish newsboy caps, you can keep warm with a Hatteras Donegal Cap, or stay fresh in the breeze with the Hatteras Silk Newsboy Cap.

Stetson Europe Beanies

Toques and beanies by Stetson Europe include the shallow-crowned docker hats, which rest just above the ears and give a sailor flavor to any outfit. Made of cotton, wool, or cashmere, there is a Stetson Europe docker hat for every season!

If you are looking for something warmer, or perhaps a bit more traditional, Stetson Europe also provides a range of merino and cashmere toques with comfortable, elastic, and deep-fitting crowns for the coldest winters. 

Stetson Europe Scarves

The Stetson Europe collection includes a selection of summer and winter scarves. Made of cotton, silk, virigin wool, and/or cashmere, the Stetson Europe scarves are always richly decorated with classic patterns and captivating color schemes. Fin you own today at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store, and on our online store with fast shipping!