Country Gentleman Hats

For a look that walks the fine line between classic and casual, the simple, comfortable design of Country Gentleman hats is just what you need. Find a beautiful summer straw hat on Henri Henri’s online hat store with fast shipping.

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Country Gentleman: an American Tradition since 1921

Country Gentleman’s language design is informed by timeless gentlemanly style that never fades out of fashion. Country Gentleman hats such as the Joey Hat have been at the forefront of men’s headwear fashion for over a century.

Established in 1921 in the heart of Manhattan, they offer a classic selection of fedora hats and flat caps. The Country Gentleman felt hat hats Country Gentleman hats are designed to appeal to your more gentile side. Choose a hat made by a brand that stands for quality materials, quality craftsmanship, and affordable prices.

The Joey Hat

This summer trilby hat is a long-time best-seller at Henri Henri. Made of a soft blend of paper and polyester, this rollable hat is easy to pack, vented, comfortable and stylish. You can wear the Joey with T-shirts and sandals as well as with a summer dress shirt. The Joey hat is available on the Henri Henri online hat store.

How Do I Clean my Country Gentleman Hat?

Use a soft nail brush dipped in lukewarm soapy water to spot clean a Country Gentleman hat. Dip your brush in clean water and go-over the cleaned areas of the hat to rinse. Avoid soaking your hat, and let it dry on a flat surface far from windows to avoid sunburns, and away from heat sources to avoid shrinkage.

If your Country Gentleman hat is in need of cleaning and/or reblocking, trust our team of professional hatters for maintenance and restoration!