Boater Hat for Men

The boater hat is the quintessential vintage, formal summer hat for men. With its instantly recognisable flat brim, waffled straw and tricolored bowed ribbon, it will make you shine in the sun! Find your own straw boater hat at the Henri Henri hat store.

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A Vintage Formal Summer Hat

Used by the French navy in the mid-nineteenth century, this flat-brimmed straw hats were issued to canotiers sailors, who were responsible for the rowboats and lifeboats on larger ships. The boater hat quickly gained the hearts of parents all over the world, at a time when it was fashionable to dress children as little sailors. Many countries made the boater hat part of the spring and summer school uniform. 

Made of rigid straw and featuring a flat brim and flat crown, the boater hat was largely adopted by burlesque, Vaudeville, and Barbershop Quartet performers. From the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, the boater hat was fighting hard with the Panama hat for the contested title of the foremost summer straw hat for men.

Today, the boater hat is an icon of a time not so remote, evoking a penchant for vintage class and a taste for the spectacular. You can find your very own boater straw hat for men on the Henri Henri online hat store with fast shipping across Canada and the US!

Scala Boater Hats

Scala boater hats are offered in two configurations: the Paddock hat, made of genuine, handwoven Panama straw, and the Gondola hat, made of a more traditional, stiff waffled straw. Stand out from the crowd and steal the spotlight with a beautiful straw boater hat!

Mayser Boater Hats

The Mayser Gondolo hat is the German hatmaker’s answer. Made of genuine Panama straw, the Gondolo is handwoven in Ecuador before it is finished in Mayser’s slovakian workshops. Classic and comfortable, the Mayser Gondolo will easily please those who seek class, comfort, and style.

How to Care for my Boater Hat?

The best advice we can give you regarding long-term care for your mens straw boater hat is to avoid prolonged rain exposure as much as you can. Being made of straw, boater hats risk getting misshapen or breaking when soaked. If your boater hat gets wet, allow it to dry at room temperature, resting on a towel on a flat surface. 

If your hat needs reshaping, never hesitate to consult our team of professional hatters to inquire about our cleaning & reblocking services. Store your boater straw hat in a hat box to preserve its shape and shield it from dust.