Parisienne Women's Beret LAULHÈRE

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  • Arriving directly from the Pyrenees, Laulhère’s Parisienne Beret is made of 100% French merino wool and is finished with an elegant ribbed knit band. Find yours today at Henri Henri, both online or in store!

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Warm, Chic and Shimmering with Sequins

Since 1840, the Maison Laulhère has been making high-quality berets according to ancestral methods. Made of the best types of wool produced locally, Laulhère’s berets are world-renowned and remain, to this day, a reference in the matters of style and comfort. 

The Parisienne Beret is a beautiful and subtly chic model, well-loved by the brand. This unisex model has a 28 centimeters (11 inches) plate diameter and proudly sports the traditional berets’ “cabillou”, the little cord at the top center of the beret, and the hallmark Laulhère stud which proves the authenticity of its origin. What differentiates the Parisienne Beret from other berets is its beautiful, stretchable, ribbed knit decorative band which is meant to cover the ears and protect them from the cold and any harsh weather.

Made of 100% french merino wool which is knitted and then felted, the Parisienne Beret is weatherproof and naturally breathable and antibacterial. The high quality of its conception and of its material give this beret an exceptional resistance to allow it to follow you for many years to come.

The characteristics of the Parisienne Beret 

  • Material : 100% French Merino Wool
  • Diameter : 28 cm (11 in.)
  • Lining : Unlined
  • Band : Stretchable ribbed knit band
  • Colors : Carmine, Plum, Black, Natural, Bordeaux, Violine, Eclipse, Camel, Passion
  • Sizes : One size, stretchable up to a size 60 cm (7 ½”)
  • Season : Fall, Winter
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Laulhère
  • Origin : Made in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France
  • Maintenance : Clean with a soft brush or with a sponge dipped in lukewarm water and soft soap while making sure you do not soak the hat. Let dry on a flat surface with paper inside, far from windows and heat sources. For more advice, do not hesitate to contact our hatters.
  • Size Guide : To adjust to your size, take the head entry between both hands and slowly and gradually pull all around the beret. Do this in small, repetitive steps to be sure to avoid a too large resizing, seeing as it will not shrink back once pulled to its larger size.


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