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  • Purpose built to dust and help groom and maintain fur felt hats, the Stetson Brush is made of wood and horsehair. It features an ergonomic curved handle. Find your very own Stetson Europe hat brush at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store!

Product details

A Quality Hat Brush

An indispensable accessory for proper maintenance of fur felt hats, the Stetson Brush is a wooden hat brush with horsehair bristles. Its ergonomic handle is curved to remind you to brush your hats in a counterclockwise motion.

For dusting, simply brush your hat with short, vigorous strokes. To groom your hat for a night out, simply apply a jet of steam to the felt and delicately brush it for a glossy finish.

You can get yourself the Stetson Europe Stetson Brush at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada, as well as on the Henri Henri online hat store with fast shipping across Canada and the United States.

Features of the Stetson Hat Brush

  • Material : Wood, Horsehair
  • Brand : Stetson Europe
  • Origin : China 


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