Egg Oval HAT JACK Hat Stretcher

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  • Hat Jack Egg Oval Wood stretchers are a must in any hat collection. The Egg Oval is compatible with almost all hats and help stretch shrunken hats back to their original size and maintain their fit. Available on the Henri Henri online store!

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Hat Jack: A Family Tradition

The Hat Jack company was founded by Richard Hill in Calahan, Colorado (USA). The small family business’ dedication to making innovative and convenient hat care products have made it one of the most successful hat stretcher producers in the world. 

The Hat Jack Egg Oval Wood was purpose-built to counterbalance a hat’s natural tendency to shrink over time due to perspiration and variations in humidity and temperature, which can lead to discomfort and costly sweatband remplacements.

How do I Stretch my Hat?

Is your new hat slightly too snug for you? Has your hat shrunk on you over the months and years? You can solve this very common issue by using a Hat Jack Egg Oval Wood stretcher on your felt hats, stretch straw hats and fitted caps. Simply place your hat or cap upside-down on a flat surface and place the Hat Jack Egg Oval Wood’s written side-up in line with your hat or cap’s front and back.

Make sure the upper edge of your Hat Jack Egg Oval Wood stretcher is flush with the junction of the sweatband and the brim. Slowly turn the Hat Jack Egg Oval Wood’s handle to push the wooden blocks apart and stretch your hat or cap. Let the hat stretch for a good 15 minutes before trying it on again.

We strongly advise you to take your time when stretching a hat or cap. Make sure you progressively increase tension in small increments to avoid tearing the fabric or breaking the seams. Repeat the process as many times as necessary, until you reach a satisfactory level of comfort.

For long-term maintenance, we suggest you store your off-season hats in a hat box with a hat stretcher to make sure it perfectly fits when its prefered season to shine comes back around! Available on the Henri Henri online store.


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