Kahl Hat Stiffener

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  • This maintenance bottle gently stiffens your hat's felt, keeping its original shape intact, without staining or flaking over time. Find yours at Henri Henri millinery!

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Because Your Leather Hat Is Worth It 

Give your beloved felt hats the care they need with Kahl Hat Stiffener! With Bickmore's famous Khal Hat Stiffener conditioner, your hat's shape will be sealed over time and won't move a hair.

This care bottle was designed by American Hat Makers in partnership with Bickmore, a company renowned since 1882 for the high quality of its felt care products. Don't let your felt hats lose their original shape - get your Kahl hat stiffener today.


  • Prevents hat deformation
  • Felt is left intact
  • Does not affect hat tone, color or texture
  • Resistant to cleaners

APPLIED TO THE BOTTOM RIM OF THE HAT. Spray fine mist over entire area. Hold bottle 8”-10” from the hat. Allow to dry. Use steam to reshape hat to desired style. ( A pot of boiling water can be used for steaming, hold the hat over the boiling water to use steam to push the product into the fibers.) Repeat above procedure if more body is desired. Warning: If you do not steam this product into the hat it will sit on top of the fibers and leave a residue that will chip and flake. Steaming is a priority. Do not saturate, instead follow the procedure a few times.


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