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  • Rise to new heights by wearing one of Stetson’s long-standing classics, the Stratoliner. This elegant and comfortable, wide brim fur felt fedora has outstanding looks that will make you shine in both formal and casual occasions.

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History of the Stratoliner

The Stratoliner, an icon of subtle taste and quality, has its own original story. As the TWA company launched its first flights on premium passenger jets, also known as Stratoliners, Stetson launched a hat bearing this name for the discerning customer looking for a comfortable and exceptional-looking hat to travel and do business with.


This hat presents one of the most enduring shapes of men’s fashion. Its elegant yet sobre design allows it to be dressed up or down, depending on the outfit or the occasion. Whether you are going for a solemn, formal, business or casual attire, the Stetson Saxon will underscore your outfit and silhouette perfectly. Satin lining, Grosgrain band, leather headband. Made in the USA.

  • Brim: Classic, 2 ¼” (5,5 cm)
  • Crown: Center dent, 4” (10 cm)
  • Band: Grosgrain, 1 ¾” (4,5 cm)
  • Leather headband

How to care for my Stratoliner?

Use a horsehair bristle hat brush to dust your fur felt hat. Use short, vigorous strokes, brushing in a counterclockwise fashion.

For a rich silk finish, use a jet of steam to slightly coat your hat and brush your hat with soft, long strokes. 

Make a habit of handling your hat by its brim, rather than pinching the crown. This way, your hat will look good and sharp for a much longer time.

Cleaning my Stratoliner

The cleaning and reblocking of a felt hat requires skill and patience. The Henri Henri hat store offers the most comprehensive hat cleaning and reblocking service and Canada.

We strongly advise that you only deal with professional hatters for cleaning and reblocking, once every year or two.


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