Alexander BORSALINO Fine Montecristi Panama Hat

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  • Overview
  • Borsalino’s Alexander Hat is a very high-quality Montecristi Panama hat sold at Henri Henri. Made of hand-woven, ultra fine Toquilla palm and decorated with a contrasting ribbon, this hat will provide both great style and excellent solar protection.

Product details

Fineness, Savoir-faire, excellence 

Imbued of simple and luxurious elegance, Borsalino’s Alexander Hat is a Panama hat that will have all the heads turning, even those of the most exacting aficionados. Its centerdent crown, snap brim and contrasting ribbon embody all the refinement of traditional, European design panamas.

What makes Borsalino’s Alexander hat stand out is the incredible quality of the savoir-faire necessary to its fabrication. Its 100X weave is hand-made with 16 by 18 strands of ultrafine Toquilla straw strands per square inch, creating a smooth, souple and opaque material of astonishing lightness: in fact, a size 57 Alexander weighs an average 59 grams! This step can take up to 8 months to finish and is done in Montecristi in Ecuador, a city world-renowned for its long tradition of artisanal craftsmanship and for the quality of its Ultrafino panama hat production. 

The capeline of the hat is then sent to the world-renowned Borsalino workshops in Italy to sew in the Moroccan sweatband and the grosgrain ribbon finished with an elegant bow of which loop is printed with a Borsalino logo in golden letters.

To better preserve its shape, do not grab your panama by the crown but rather take it by the brim with two hands and do not hang the hat always on the same side. For the regular care, wipe the dust off with a dry soft cloth, use a mineral water vaporizer to delicately humidify and soften the straw. If the hat gets wet, dab it with a clean cloth to remove excess water, reshape it carefully by hand and leave to dry far from heat sources and direct light. Consult a professional hatter and the hat’s pamphlet for more particular care instructions.

 WARNING: We strongly advise against leaving rolled this Panama hat for longer than 48 hours. Never fold while it is still humid or wet. We recommend storing your hat in its hatbox to better preserve their shape.

Comes with its own high-quality box.

Features of the Alexander Hat

  • Material : Panama Straw: 100% Toquilla Palm, Montecristi Ultrafino, 16 x 18 WPI, 100X weave, 59g for a size 57 hat
  • Height : 4 ⅛” (10,5 cm)
  • Brim : Snap Brim, approximately 2 ¾” (7 cm)
  • Crown : Centerdent
  • Hat Band : 1 ¼” (3,16 cm) Grosgrain ribbon
  • Lining : Unlined
  • Sweatband : Moroccan (canneté ribbon)
  • Colors : Natural
  • Sizes : 55 à 63 cm (6 ⅞” - 7 ⅞”)UV Protection : +80 UV, tested according to UV STANDARD 801
  • Season : Spring, Summer
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Borsalino
  • Origin : Handwoven in Montecristi, Ecuador and finished in Italy.
  • Maintenance : Water-repellent. Avoid folding for more longevity and keep in its hat box for better protection. For any question relative to hat cleaning, care and maintenance, feel free to contact our team of professional hatters, or read all about our cleaning & reblocking services!
  • Size Guide : With a soft measuring tape, take your head’s circumference in centimeters, passing by the middle of your forehead and about a centimeter above your ear. Refer to the size guide to accurately assess your head size.


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