Tropic 504 Vented Summer Flat Cap KANGOL

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  • Overview
  • The tropic 504 cap is a stylish summer flat cap made by the British brand Kangol. It is a soft, vented, breathable and comfortable summer cap that offers its wearer UV protection. Come find it at Henri Henri today, or browse our online store!

Product details

A Foldable Cap With A Versatile Look

The Tropic 504 cap by Kangol features a unisex, classic and timeless look. It will easily suit every outfit. This classic summer flat cap has a versatile style that allows you to wear it as you see fit, with its 2” brim forwards, backwards, or even sideways! The Tropic 504 cap is foldable, which makes it a convenient choice for storage and travelling.

The Tropic 504 cap takes its name from its unique fabric and from the mold it is shaped from. The patented tropic fabric by Kangol is a blend of nylon and polyester that makes the Tropic 504 a soft and robust vented summer cap that shields its wearer from UV rays. The 504 comes from the original 504 mold, used to shape 504 caps since 1954. The Tropic 504 cap is finished with the iconic Kangaroo embroidered logo on the back of the cap.

Offerte dans une sélection de couleurs comprenant Noir et Marine, la casquette Tropic 504 est finie sans doublure pour une aération et une fraîcheur maximale et est dotée d’une bande de nylon élastique pour un confort supérieur. Trouvez dès aujourd’hui à la chapellerie Henri Henri ou sur notre site web avec livraison rapide la casquette Tropic 504 qu’il vous faut!

Offered in multiple colors, including Black and Navy, the Tropic 504 cap is finished without a lining for maximum breathability and comfort. It features a stretch fit nylon sweatband for a superior feel. Find the Tropic 504 cap you are looking for today at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store!

Features of the Tropic 504 Cap

  • Material : Nylon & Polyester Blend
  • Shape : Ivy Caps & Flat Caps
  • Brim : 2” (5,08 cm)
  • Crown : Flat
  • Lining : Unlined
  • Sweatband : Stretch Fit, Nylon
  • Colors : Black, Navy, Brown
  • Sizes : S, M, L, XL
  • Season : Spring & Summer
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Kangol
  • Origin  : Made in China
  • Maintenance : If soaked, let dry at room temperature. You can also use a towel to drain excess water. Clean by hand only, or trust the expertise of our team of hatters at Henri Henri!
  • Size Guide : Measure the circumference of your head at eyebrow ridge height, going slightly over the ears. Use the following size table to find your head size.


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