Castor Rasé T.F. LU-C Fur Hat

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  • Overview
  • Stay warm and cozy this winter with the Castor Rasé T.F. LU-C Fur Hat, a chapka-style, all-fur, sheared beaver hat with earmuffs and adjustable lining available at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat shop.

Product details

The Summum of Elegance, Warmth, and Comfort

The Castor Rasé T.F. LU-C Fur Hat is a chapka-style fur hat. It is made of sheared beaver fur, giving it unparalleled softness and a glossy finish. The Castor Rasé T.F. LU-C is fully lined with fur, meaning that its entire outer surface and the ear flaps are covered in fur, while the inside features an adjustable quilted satin lining.

You can find the Castor Rasé T.F. LU-C Fur Hat at Henri Henri, the oldest hat shop in Canada, as well as on our online hat store!

Features of the Castor Rasé T.F. LU-C Fur Hat

  • Material : Sheared Beaver Fur
  • Shape : Chapka
  • Height : 4” (10 cm)
  • Ear Flaps : 6 ½” (15,25 cm)
  • Crown : Flat
  • Lining : Satin, Adjustable
  • Colors : Black, Brown
  • Sizes : S, M, L, XL
  • Season : Winter
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Origin : China 
  • Maintenance : Cleaning and maintenance by specialized cleaners only. 
  • Size Guide : Use a soft measuring tape to assess the circumference of your head, in inches of centimeters. For best outcomes, start at the top of the eyebrow ridge, going just above the tip of the ears and over the summit of the occipital at the back of your skull.


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