Western & Cowboy Hats for Women

Browse our selection of western and cowboys hats for women, including famous hat makers such as Stetson, Akubra and American Hat.

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Legendary Brands

Henri Henri hat store offers a wide selection of women's hats, including cowboy and western styles. Our authentic cowboy hats come from the world's most prestigious brands. From Stetson, Barmah, Akubra to American Hat, you'll find a resilient hat with an unmatched look within our walls!

The History of Western Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats trace their origins to the Wild West era, a time when workers needed hats with wide, sturdy brims to shield themselves from the harsh plains climate. John B. Stetson is credited with creating the first cowboy hat, the "Boss of the Plains."

Many women adopt cowboy hats for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Besides their unmistakable refined style that captivates, women's cowboy hats are robust and made from premium materials to provide comfort and protection against sun and precipitation.

Types of American and Australian Cowboy Hats

Most of our cowboy hats come from North America. Henri Henri's women's hats are made in Canada, Stetson products are made in the United States and Mexico, while Charlie 1 Horse and American Hat hats are exclusively made in the United States. The Barmah and Akubra brands, on the other hand, have been manufactured for generations in Australia, where the arid climate and thriving agricultural activity have led to the use of cowboy-style hats, with a distinct Australian touch.


Between Leather, Straw, and Felt: Choosing the Style that Suits You

Women's Felt Cowboy Hat

Felt cowboy hats for women are the most common due to their recognizable style and incredible durability. Whether made from wool or various fur blends, felt hats are more water-resistant and resistant to deformation than most other materials. With proper cleaning, blocking, and occasional brushing, a felt hat can last for years.

Women's Straw Cowboy Hat

Straw cowboy hats are lighter and highly ventilated, making them ideal for hot and humid days. However, they are more fragile and should not be exposed to water, which can cause deformation. Regular care is essential to maintain a straw hat's shape and prevent breakage.

Women's Leather Cowboy Hat

Leather hats offer an excellent balance of ventilation and durability, making them great for bush and travel hats. Regular maintenance with leather care products is recommended to preserve their shape and suppleness.