Golf Hat for Women

A golf game does not stop for a little rain. Those who take golf seriously know that whatever the weather, a good golf hat for women is crucial to shield you from rain and shine, and to enjoy your golf day to the fullest!

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What Makes a Good Golf Hat for Women?

Whether it rains, whether the wind is up, or whether the sky is clear, a game of golf will go on, except in the case of hale or lightning storms. Golf is a skill sport that allows you to enjoy nature, landscaping and the outdoors to the fullest. It follows that a good golf hat for women must be able to withstand a variety of weather conditions! Your hat must provide good protection against the sun, good breathability, as well as being water resistant.

The Henri Henri hat store offers you a variety of golf hats for women that ally UV protection, durability, and ventilation. Get the most out of your golfing season!

Tilley Hats

Known throughout the worlds for their unisex, simple, and practical designs, Tilley hats are a rare breed of hats that elegantly ally water resistance, UV protection, comfort, ventilation and durability. They are offered in a variety of natural and synthetic fabric including cotton, hemp, nylon and raffia straw.

Among our selection of Tilley golf hats for women, two rise above the rest. The Clubhouse hat features an adjustable elastic cord to ensure a perfect fit every time. It also features a strap to hold on to a few tees, and a magnet in the brim to attach your place marker to. Its vented mesh is covered with a semi open patch of fabric, to prevent rainwater from entering the hat.

The Rebecca hat is made of raffia straw, a natural straw from Madagascar. Soft and crushable, this hat offers outstanding sun protection, ventilation, and a versatile design that will easily complement golfing attire as well as evening outfits!

Panama Hats

Panama hats have long been popular on golf courses. Made of handwoven toquilla straw, Panama hats have been expertly crafted in the hills of Ecuador for generations. They are perfectly suited for spending long hours in the heat of the sun. They provide refreshing shade, outstanding UV protection, and a classic look that perfectly suits any golfing outfit.

A Cap for a Sporty Look

Popular in the Women’s PGA for their compact size, comfortable fit and sporty looks, Baseball caps are a smart choice for the golf course. For the more traditionally minded among you, the Henri Henri hat store offers a variety of classic flat caps, duckbill caps, Gatsby caps and newsboy caps. Made of a variety of lightweight and warmer fabrics such as linen, silk, tweed and many more, these retro caps will bring a touch of vintage class to your golfing outfit.

Looking for a different kind of hat? Come and discover our wide range of hats for women in our online store.