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It is sometimes difficult to find your way around when there are so many hats! Fortunately, we have compiled an index for you that will guide you through the different names, shapes, and styles of hats offered at Henri Henri, the oldest hat shop in Canada!

Fedora (a.k.a “Bogart”, “Borsalino”, “Godfather”…)

Borsalino Alessandria Camel Fedora

Fedora hats have been a fashion icon since the very onset of the 20th century. They are recognizable by their sculpted crown, often asymmetrically worn brim, and looped grosgrain ribbon.

There are short and wide brim fedoras in a variety of materials, fabrics and shapes that you can buy for all occasions and seasons. Come take a look at our online store to find the hat you are looking for in our selection of Fedora hats.



Bailey Wynn Black Wool Felt Trilby

The trilby, a felt, fabric or straw hat, differs from the fedora hat by its brim, which is generally shorter, as well as by the shape of the latter.

Indeed, this type of hat for men is usually worn asymmetrically: raised at the back, lowered at the front. To adopt this versatile and compact look, discover our range of Trilby hats, one of them will seduce you with its beauty and its compact practicality.


Top Hat

Christys' Black Top Hat Fur Felt Melusine

The quintessential formal hat, the top hat has long been associated with the most solemn occasions and classiest events. Browse our selection of top hats in wool felt like the Christys' Top Hat or fur felt like the Christys' Top Hat Fur Melusine that will show your presence and seriousness to the world.



American Hat Makers El Dorado SR2 Band Steampunk Leather Top Hat

Steampunk is an alternate history that combines science fiction with an aesthetic specific to the Victorian era and the first industrial revolution. The genre is often associated with the world of author Jules Vernes, who imagines technological progress as mechanical, coal and steam, rather than digital. Brass rivets, top hats, leather accessories, goggles and gears are strong symbols of the steampunk aesthetic. Browse our selection of Steampunk hats and complete your own fantastic outfit!



Bailey Derby Black Wool Felt Bowler Hat

Before the advent of the fedora, the bowler hat was the quintessential formal hat. A symbol of prosperity, respectability and social mobility, the bowler hat is still distinguished today by the class it gives to any outfit. Find the bowler hat you need at Henri Henri!


Porkpie & Homburg

Henri Henri Porkpie Large Black Felt Hat Bailey The Godfather Black Wool Felt Hombutg Hat

Porkpie hats made their appearance at the dawn of the 20th century, a felt version of the boater that quickly became popular with musicians and actors. Homburg hats, on the other hand, are a milestone in the transition from bowler hats to fedora hats, and are associated with legendary figures such as Winston Churchill and rapper Notorious B.I.G.



Mayser Albenga Natural Panama Straw Hat

Hats made from Panama straw have been handwoven for centuries in the mountains of Ecuador. They take their name from the abundance of Ecuadorian workers who helped build the Panama Canal, spreading their beautiful straw hats around the world. Each Panama hat has a brown ink stamp seal authenticating its origin, bearing the mark Hecho en Ecuador.


Cowboy & Western

Stetson Skyline Black Fur Felt Cowboy Hat

Cowboy and western hats combine form and function. Durable and wide-brimmed, they're perfect for long hours outdoors, as well as for the stage and everyday life. In our selection you will find felt, leather and straw hats from Stetson, Akubra, Barmah, American Hat and many more.



Mayser Gondolo Panama Straw Boater Hat

Used by the French navy from the 19th century, this flat-brimmed straw hat was first part of the uniform of boaters, the sailors who were in charge of mounting the boats on the ships. The boater is rapidly gaining popularity as the fashion is to dress children as little sailors, and is part of the school uniform of several Western countries.



Kangol Washed Bucket Black Cotton Bucket Hat

In the 1960s, the fedora hat suffered a great loss of interest, as it represented a certain formal and uniform class. At that time, clothing creativity was exploding, and fashionable hairstyles were becoming more and more voluminous and plentiful. Thus, the bucket hat represented a chic and “groovy” alternative, better suited to the spirit of the times.



Christys' Wool Felt Cloche Hat

Created in 1908 by milliner Caroline Reboux, the cloche hat has a relatively short brim that falls very steeply over the eyes of the wearer, which encourages her to raise her chin to see well, giving a mischievous look. The cloche hat gets its name from the shape of its brim and crown, which give it the shape of a bell. The cloche hat goes wonderfully well with short or so-called “boyish” haircuts.


Flat Brim

Stetson Midtown Bone Flat Brim Fedora

Flat brim hats, whether made of felt or straw, stand out for their ability to match all kinds of looks. At once evocative of 20th century fashion, western cowboy styles, and modern hip looks, flat brim hats are a great option for anyone looking for the perfect hat for any occasion and activity, chic or casual.



Tilley TP101 Clubhouse Golf Hat

Except in the event of hail and thunderstorms, a round of golf can continue in all weather conditions, whether it is windy, raining, or blazing! Golf is a great sporting activity that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate landscaping wonders. Explore our selection of golf hats and enjoy the great outdoors with peace of mind!


Hunting & Fishing

Tilley T3 The Wanderer Olive Outdoors Hat

Hunting and fishing are activities that can be practiced in any season, depending on the prey. A good fishing hat, like a good hunting hat, is a hat that will allow you to spend long hours outdoors while protecting you from the elements, be it UV rays, wind, cold or heat.

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