Borsalino Hats

The Borsalino company has been making superior quality hats in Alessandria, Italy since 1857. It remains one of the very few hatmakers in the world that handles every step of the hat-making process, from felting fur to shaping and finition.

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Sophie Leopard
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Sophie Leopard

Borsalino Hat : A World-famous Brand 

Founded by Giuseppe Borsalino in 1857, Borsalino is the uncontested master of luxury and quality craftsmanship in the fedora world. Some of their flagship models, such as the Borsalino Folar and Borsalino Alessandria are so iconic and widely imitated that the term “Borsalino” has become synonymous with fedora hats. Don't wait any longer and find your luxury hat on our online store.

Borsalino Panama Hats

Borsalino has long been a producer of exquisite genuine Panama straw hats. Made from the finest handwoven straws in Ecuador, Borsalino Panama hats are high quality headwear. There are many styles of this summer hat such as the Paglia Trilby or the beautiful Panama Sophie, and they are all examples of true craftsmanship and exquisite design. Check out all of these trendy hat designs in our wide collection of Borsalino hats.

The Highest Quality Felt Hats

Borsalino is one of the few hatmaking companies that also handle the production of fur felt. Among our selection, you will find fedoras made of rabbit felt, of waterproof beaver felt, or even of vicuna felt. The vicuna is a protected species living in the highest plateaus of the Andes mountains, and its fur can only be harvested once a year by autochthonous peoples.

Borsalino Travel Hats

Did you know? Some of Borsalino’s hats are made of ultra soft fur felt, allowing you to roll the hat into a compact cone. Thanks to this feature, you can now travel in style with an elegant fedora hat without having to carry around a cumbersome hat travel case. Look in our selection for the Borsalino Traveler and the Borsalino Safari Pliable!