Sun Hats for Women

Sun hats are essential to staying cool and protected from UV rays while enjoying spring and summer to the fullest. Browse our collection of fashionable and practical sun hats for women to make the most of your summer.

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The Importance of a Wide Brim in sun hats

A wide-brimmed hat provides more shade, protecting your scalp, face, ears, neck, and nose from the scorching sun. Most women's sun hats have a relatively wide brim to provide you with cool shade and a relatively soft shell to improve comfort and practicality.

Protection from UV Rays

We offer our customers a variety of women's sun hats specifically identified as having additional UV protection. Sun hats from the Canadian brand Tilley, for example, have a UPF rating of 50+. Mayser Panama hats have an 80 percent UV protection rating.

We recommend using sunscreen in addition to a sun hat to protect yourself from UV rays.

Fashionable Sun Hats from the Streets to the Beach 

Sun hats, in addition to providing sun protection and ventilation to keep your head cool, have outstanding and elegant looks that can make you look like a fashion icon, whether you're enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or walking down city streets. Come try on our various styles of sun hats for women to find the one that's right for you!

The Best Materials for Women’s sun hats

Sun hats for women are available in a variety of materials. Canvas, organic cotton, raffia straw, toyo straw, and many other elegant and long-lasting materials are available in our Henri Henri hats collection. Come find your women’s summer hat within our walls!