Florence AMERICAN HAT Straw Hat

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  • Overview
  • The American Hat Florence Straw Hat Hat is, as its name indicates, a summer fedora hat made of genuine Florence straw. Simple, elegant and comfortable, it is the perfect summer hat! Find it on Henri Henri’s online store with fast shipping!

Product details

A Unisex Panama Hat

The Florence Straw Hat is a summer fedora hat made of genuine Florence straw. This straw is a product of Italian craftsmanship, this straw is woven from gentile rosso wheat. 

This hat has both the classic style of a Panama hat and unmatched comfort, all without breaking the bank. You can imagine yourself wearing it while lying on a deck chair, enjoying the moment and the summer sun. This hat has a 3 ½"(9 cm) wide brim and a 4 ½"(11.5 cm) teardrop crown.

The Florence Straw Hat is unisex and is suitable for both dressy and casual wear. Enjoy the sun with its UV protection and glow with your Florence Straw Hat from American Hat!

Features of the American Hat Florence Straw Hat

  • Material : Genuine Florence Straw
  • Shape : Fedora
  • Height : 4 ½” (11,43 cm)
  • Brim : 2 ½” (6,35 cm)
  • Crown : Teardrop
  • Lining : Unlined
  • Colors : Cream, Tan
  • Sizes : S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Season : Summer, Spring
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : American Hat
  • Origin : État-Unis
  • Maintenance : The Florence Straw Hat hat is made of 100% natural plant fiber. It is therefore strongly recommended to avoid water exposure. To prevent deformation and uneven coloration, store your hat in a hat box as often as you can. Be careful not to pinch the crown of your Panama hat, as it may tear or break the straw.

    THE AMERICAN HAT FLORENCE STRAW HAT IS NOT ROLLABLE. If you have any questions concerning the cleaning and reblocking of your Florence Straw Hat, never hesitate to consult our team of professional hatters!
  • Size Guide : Measure the circumference of your head at eyebrow ridge height, going slightly over the ears.


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