Easy Insert Modular Chinstrap AKUBRA

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  • The Chinstrap by Akubra is made to easily fit on every Akubra hat. Install this quick and easy chinstrap on your hat and never fear the wind will take it away again! Available at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store.

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Fasten Your Chin Strap!

La mentonnière Chinstrap consiste en un cordon ajustable de 43 cm dont chaque extrémité est dotée d’un support de métal spécialement conçu pour s’installer facilement dans tous les chapeaux de marque Akubra. Il est également possible, moyennement un travail de couture, de l’installer sur des chapeaux d’autres marques. 

The Chinstrap by Akubra consists of an adjustable 17” pair of cords with metal hooks specifically designed to be easily attached to the sweatband of every Akubra Hat. You can also, with a bit of seaming, attach it to your other hats.

You can do it yourself, or come with your hat to Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store, so we can install it for you.


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