Should You Wear a Cap or a Hat?

A Cap or a Hat?

It is sometimes difficult to know which women's or men's hat or cap is appropriate for the right event or for the right type of activity. That's why we've got these expert recommendations to help you make your choice!

Events: Chic or Casual?

People wearing chic and casual hats

More casual events such as an outing or a get-together with friends or family usually do without a dress code, allowing you to choose the hat or cap that appeals to you or that best complements your outfit.

It's the more chic events that require more care when it comes to choosing the right headwear. Some social events and solemn celebrations are still very codified to this day: black tie events, white tie events, funerals, state ceremonies and prestigious corporate events are all subject to different more or less fixed codes that it is important to know.

Chic Events

The classiest and most sartorially codified events usually call for a black top hat and sometimes a black bowler hat, depending on the event in question. If the event does not specify any headgear, the Henri Henri hat shop recommends that you favor dark colored hats and caps, preferably black. The presence of patterns can make you stand out in an undesired way, which is why we invite you to favor discreet patterns in sober colors or a solid color. The only exception: a white Panama straw hat or a light gray top hat may sometimes be appropriate in certain events.

Besides the top hat and the bowler hat, the fedora hat is an excellent choice. Choose the width of the edge according to your shoulder width, and favor a slightly wider edge if you plan to wear a coat, a jacket or a suit with shoulder pads.

It is important to consider that the decorum associated with posh or solemn events requires that the hat be removed once inside. It is therefore better to favor materials that match both the color and the texture of the fabric of your outfit and the season during which the event takes place.

In the case of a wedding, the dress codes are specific to each event. A cowboy hat can be quite appropriate in a western wedding! Be sure to stick to the theme and color palette prescribed by the bride and groom!

Some examples of chic hats and caps offered at the Henri Henri hat store:


Casual Events

Les événements décontractés privilégient une tenue confortable et vous permettent de laisser libre cours à vos préférences vestimentaires. Nous vous recommandons de privilégier le confort avant tout, et de veiller à ce que les couleurs et les motifs de votre couvre-chef s’agencent à ceux de votre tenue. Si l’événement se déroule entièrement à l’extérieur, un chapeau vous offrira davantage de protection contre les rayons UV et les précipitations. 

Casual events call for comfortable attire and allow you to give free rein to your clothing preferences. We recommend that you prioritize comfort above all else, and ensure that the colors and patterns of your headgear match those of your outfit. If the event is entirely outdoors, a hat will give you more protection against UV rays and precipitations.

Some examples of casual hats and caps offered at the Henri Henri hat shop:


Active or Passive?

Depending on the level of physical activity and the weather conditions during the practice of your hobbies and favorite activities, there may be a certain type of headwear fit, or fabric that best meets your needs.

For outdoor work, sports and activities

Comfort above all! Spending long hours toiling away when you're exposed to the elements or engaging in a sporting activity requires that your hat or cap be comfortable, amply ventilated in the summer and adequately insulated in the winter. Additionally, sweat management may lead you to favor or avoid certain materials or features.

Baseball, military and trucker type caps, outdoor hats and hats made of straw and/or synthetic fabrics are ideal for the summer period. For the winter season, toques, outdoor felt hats and woolen caps will allow you to combine comfort and durability.

For more passive activities and hobbies, just put on the cap or hat you want!

Some examples of casual hats and caps offered at Henri Henri Hat Shop:


Trust Your Instincts and Dare to Ask for Advice!

If you are not 100% sure of the type of hat or cap that best suits an event, our team of experts remains at your disposal to help you target your needs and determine which hat or cap will meet them!

Francis Bissonnette-Gilker
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