Outdoors Hats for Men

Outdoors hats are made to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest! Find tough, practical hats made of excellent fabrics to keep your head cool and protect your skin from UV rays. Find yours today on our online store with fast shipping!

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Wide Brimmed Hats for the Great Outdoors

Having a wide brim on your outdoors hat guarantees a greater shade area, which improves UV protection to your face, eyes, nose and ears. Most of our outdoors hats for men feature wide brims to procure a refreshing shade and are built with soft bodies to be easily packed and carried.

UV Protection

Many of our customers are looking for maximum UV protection when purchasing a hat. At Henri Henri, we offer a range of outdoor hats with this specific feature in mind. Outdoors hats from Canada’s own Tilley Endurables are a great example, as most of their hats are certified UPF 50+, one of the highest UV protection labels on the market.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, genuine Panama straw hats from the Mayser brand are given the 80 UV rating, a European equivalent to the UPF 50+ rating. The Henri Henri hat store recommends you use sunscreen lotion in addition to your hat to benefit from optimal UV protection when enjoying the great outdoors.

Outdoors Hats for the Beach and for the Town

In addition to offering increased UV protection and refreshing ventilation, outdoors hats for men come in a range of different looks that allow you to wear them on the sidewalk or on the trails. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or a walk downtown, trekking to a new mountaintop or on a forest path, you will find the outdoors hat that you need at Henri Henri!

A Great Variety of Materials

The Henri Henri hat store offers outdoors hats for men in a wide variety of materials including organic cotton, canvas, raffia straw, toyo straw, shantung straw and many more natural and synthetic fibers that will meet your requirements. Find your own outdoors hat in our vast collection!