Imperia Fur Felt PANIZZA Porkpie

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  • Overview
  • Panizza’s Imperia Fur Felt Hat is a telescope crown porkpie made of rabbit fur felt which will charm anyone, on any occasion. Find it at Henri Henri, both in store and online!

Product details

That is one high contrast porkpie!

Panizza’s Imperia Fur Felt Hat is a porkpie with a telescope crown which owes its versatility from all the different ways it can be worn, on both men and women. Made of rabbit with a simple straight-forward look, wear it straight and then pop the front down to add a bit of formality to the look. To have the air of relaxed vacationers, wear it higher on the forehead. To get better UV protection and some vintage flare, pop the brim completely downward. Perfect every time!

The Imperia Fur Felt Hat is also decorated with a grosgrain ribbon on which is sewn a striped woven braid to add a touch of color contrast. It has no lining and is fitted with a comfortable and absorbent fabric sweatband. 

However, keeping it from getting wet will help it remain in good condition for a longer time.

Features of the Imperia Fur Felt Hat

  • Material : Rabbit Fur Felt
  • Height : 4 ½" (11,43 cm)
  • Brim : Upturned Snap Brim 1 5/8" (4,13 cm)
  • Crown : Telescope
  • Hat Band : 1 ½" (3,81 cm) Grosgrain decorated with striped woven braid
  • Lining : No lining
  • Sweatband : Absorbent cotton fabric
  • Colors : Navy, Natural, Kapok Green
  • Sizes : 55 cm (6 ⅞”) à 63 cm (7 ⅞”)
  • Season : Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Panizza
  • Origin : Imported
  • Maintenance : Avoid contact with water. For any question relative to hat cleaning, care and maintenance, feel free to contact our team of professional hatters, or read all about our cleaning & reblocking services!
  • Size Guide : With a soft measuring tape, take your head’s circumference in centimeters, passing by the middle of your forehead and about a centimeter above your ear. Refer to the size guide to accurately assess your head size.


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