hAtlas Etched Leather Top Hat AMERICAN HAT

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  • A stylish top hat engraved with a world map and adorned with a decorative compass.



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Sail the breadth of your domain and never fear the edge of the world in the Steampunk Hatter hAtlas. With a black leather brim and a laser-etched crown airbrushed with pure discovery, this leather top hat wonder literally places the world in your hands. Mercator's dream with a decorative compass in the band, the hAtlas is ideal for any sailor, explorer or cartographer of cool. A 5 ½-inch crown sits atop a contrasting 2-inch brim and says that no star is too distant for you to follow. Pair the hAtlas with your favorite steampunk attire as you assume the role of navigator supreme; or just make it your everyday topper. Either way, you'll chart a dapper course.

  • Brim: 2” (5 cm)
  • Crown: 5 ½” (14 cm)
  • Leather



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