The Top 5 Hats with Earflaps

Welcome to Henri Henri, where the fusion of elegance and functionality truly comes to life. As temperatures drop, nothing is more essential than a hat that keeps you warm while remaining undeniably stylish. In our latest blog post, dive into the world of winter comfort with "The Top 5 Hats with Earflaps." Explore unique designs that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation for an unparalleled wearing experience.


Bozeman Earflaps Felt Outdoors Hat by Stetson


The Bozeman Earflaps hat is an outdoors hat made of 100% wool felt. It is soft-bodied, crushable, and foldable, allowing you to easily pack your hat in any backpack or suitcase. Its soft, comfortable, and breathable construction allows you to keep your head cool and shielded even in the toughest weather. This hat also features earflaps for comfort on cooler days.

Kingston KG Gore-Tex Newsboy Cap by Göttmann


Offered in a wool and Gore-Tex fabric and fitted with foldable earmuffs, this cap is perfect for the cold, rain, and snow. Style-wise, the Kingston KG is unisex, chic yet casual, and will effortlessly blend into any fall and winter outfit. Give yourself a touch of youthful cheek this winter!


Parisienne Women’s Beret by Lauhlère

La Parisienne beret by Laulhère

Made of 100% French merino wool which is knitted and then felted, the Parisienne Beret is weatherproof, naturally breathable, and antibacterial. The high quality of its conception and of its material give this beret an exceptional resistance to allow it to follow you for many years to come.


Monaco KG Baseball Cap by Göttmann

Monaco KG Baseball Cap by Göttmann

The Monaco KG is a winter curved cap. Made of wool fabrics that insulate the wearer against the cold and the snow, it is perfect for the colder seasons. Unisex, chic yet casual, the Monaco KG will effortlessly blend into any fall and winter outfit.


Aviateur LU-C Sheepskin Aviator Hat

Aviateur LU-C Sheepskin Aviator Hat

The Aviateur LU-C is a sheepskin fur hat lined with shearling. Its looks are heavily inspired by the early days of aviation. This winter, stay warm with this finely crafted hat.

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