Beaver Felt: A Treasure of Quebec and Canada

In the world of hat craftsmanship, beaver felt holds a place of honor as a symbol of Quebec's and Canada's artisanal expertise. Its history is closely intertwined with the fur trade, an iconic era that left an indelible mark on the country. Let's explore how this natural treasure has influenced the hat-making tradition of Quebec and Canada.

Beaver Felt: A Natural Treasure

The beaver, a symbol of Canada, is renowned for its exceptionally high-quality fur. During the fur trade era, Canadian trappers discovered the secret of this extraordinary material: beaver felt. Through a meticulous artisanal process, the fur was transformed into felt, a durable and insulating material ideal for crafting high-quality hats.

The Fur Trade in Quebec: A Key Chapter in History

The fur trade played a pivotal role in the history of Quebec and Canada. In the 17th and 18th centuries, explorers and trappers ventured into the wild regions in search of valuable beaver pelts. These furs were then traded with European merchants, contributing to the flourishing economy of the time. Beaver felt became one of the most sought-after products, fostering a renowned hat-making industry.

Canadian fur trappers and beaver hat makers


The Legacy of Beaver Felt at Henri Henri

At Henri Henri, we continue this tradition by offering a collection of hats and caps made from the highest-quality beaver felt. Each piece reflects the expertise and dedication of our hat craftsmen, who honor this natural treasure by creating wearable works of art.

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Explore Our Collection of Hats and Accessories

At, you'll find an exceptional selection of hats in various styles, from timeless classics to contemporary creations. In addition to beaver felt, our range also includes accessories such as umbrellas, suspenders, and leather and felt care products, ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality hat experience.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of beaver felt and explore our collection of hats that carry forward this exceptional legacy. Each piece is the result of knowledge passed down through generations, offering you the best of Quebec's and Canada's hat-making traditions. Discover our creations at and be captivated by the timeless elegance of beaver felt.

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