Hat Stretcher

Hat Stretchers are used to either stretch a hat or cap that has shrunk, or to maintain a hat’s perfect fit during extended storage. Find a lightweight and convenient hat stretcher on our online store or come to Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store!

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The Hat Jack Hat Stretcher

Handmade in Colorado, the Hat Jack is a wooden portable hat stretcher. It is specially designed to work on almost any headwear. Its unvarnished finish allows the wood to absorb excess sweat and moisture from the sweatband while stretching your hat or cap. Find a Hat Jack hat stretcher in Montreal at Henri Henri, or visit our online store with fast shipping! Looking for another accessory? Come and discover all our hat accessories on our online store.

How Do I Stretch My Hat?

Use a Hat Jack hat stretcher. Place your hat or cap upside-down on a flat surface. Place the wooden blocks vis-a-vis the front and back of your hat or cap’s sweatband. Gently turn the handle to push the wooden blocks apart. Continue until you reach the desired tension. 

We strongly advise that you proceed with care. Slow and steady wins the race! Avoid any possible tear or break on your hat or sweatband by progressively increasing the tension in small increments, until you reach the desired size.

Why Do Hats Shrink?

Hats and caps are generally affected by variations in ambient humidity. While fabrics such as cotton, wool, felt and even straw are known to shrink while drying after heavy rain exposure, leather has a natural tendency to lose its moisture, becoming less flexible, more brittle, and smaller.

Our team of professional hatters at Henri Henri in Montreal is always here to help you with a shrunken cap or hat. Simply bring it with you at Montreal’s oldest hat store, and ask for their advice!

How to Deal with a Broken Sweatband?

The finest leathers and toughest fabrics will all eventually reach their breaking point, even with the best care and maintenance. Sometimes, stretching a hat too strong or too fast can result in tears and breaks in a hat’s sweatband. 

Henri Henri offers cleaning & reblocking services that can include replacing a sweatband. Visit our hat cleaning and restoration service page to learn more about our services!