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Each hat is unique, and every material requires its particular approach to maintenance. The Henri Henri hat store offers you quality hat care products to help you maintain and enjoy your wool felt, fur felt, leather hats and caps for the longest possible

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Suede Cleaner Kit
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Suede Cleaner Kit
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Travel Brush

How Do You Clean a Felt Hat?

To clean dust from wool felt hats, a lint brush or hat brush will get the job done. Brush your wool felt hat with short, vigorous strokes. 

  • Fur felt hats will require the use of a horsehair bristle hat brush. Brush your hat in a counter-clockwise fashion with short, vigorous strokes. 
  • For wool felt and fur felt, you may use a kettle or a steamer to gently apply a little bit of steam on the hat. This will help aggregate dust before brushing, and leave felt hats with a softer touch.

If your wool felt or fur felt hat is stained, misshapen or otherwise needs a deep cleaning, do not hesitate to contact our professional hatters to enquire about our hat cleaning and reblocking services

How Do You Clean a Leather Hat?

Leather hats need to be maintained with conditioner to ensure a long lifespan. If left untreated, a leather hat risks slowly drying, which can lead to brittleness, shrinkage and loss of flexibility. This is why we recommend using the following leather hat care products periodically to ensure your hat stays smooth and comfortable for the longest time.

  • Leather Conditioning Cream

The Barmah company specializes in making leather hats that are both incredibly soft and resistant. Made of bronco and kangaroo leather, they require a particular touch. Learn more today about the Barmah Leather Conditioning Cream!

  • Leather Conditioning Kit

The Bickmore Leather Conditioning Kit contains a leather moisturizer and a chamois cloth applicator. The perfect kit to maintain a soft and strong leather hat for many years.

How Do You Clean Suede Hats?

Suede cleaning and maintenance can be particularly tricky. Never hesitate to seek professional help or advice before trying to clean a suede hat. For dust and mud stains, Henri Henri offers you the Suede Cleaner Kit, which includes a hard bristle brush and a soft eraser bloc.