The Impact of "Yellowstone" on Western Fashion: The Stetson Skyline Hat Featured at Henri Henri

The television series "Yellowstone," starring Kevin Costner, has not only captivated viewers with its dramatic storyline and breathtaking landscapes, but it has also sparked a true revolution in the fashion world. At Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Montreal, open since 1932, we've noticed a renewed interest in cowboy hats and other iconic pieces of western fashion, largely thanks to the impact of this popular series.

The Rise of a New Western Wave

Since the early days of cinema, the cowboy hat has been an accessory used for its flair and coded to inform viewers about the character wearing it. Since its debut, "Yellowstone" has influenced both men's and women's fashion, bringing classic western style elements back into the spotlight. This series, which depicts the tumultuous life of the Dutton family, owners of one of the largest ranches in Montana, skillfully blends tradition and modernity, creating a timeless aesthetic that appeals to all generations.

The character John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, is often seen wearing the Stetson Skyline Hat, a choice that perfectly embodies the spirit of the modern rancher with a touch of rustic elegance. This hat, with its wide brim and imposing look, has become a symbol of this western resurgence, and at Henri Henri, we are proud to offer it to our customers.

The Stetson Skyline Hat: A Style Icon

The Skyline Cowboy Hat is a classic fur felt cowboy hat made by Stetson with impeccable quality. Its popularity has soared thanks to "Yellowstone," and it is now a must-have for anyone wanting to adopt an authentic western look. This hat is available at Henri Henri, where we also offer a selection of other cowboy hats that capture the essence of this trend.
Stetson Skyline Fur Felt Cowboy Hat

Western Alternatives at Henri Henri

For those looking to diversify their wardrobe, we offer several alternatives to the Stetson Skyline, all available online with fast delivery:

  • The Stetson Shasta cowboy hat, for example, is a premium version made from 10X beaver felt. Our sources at Stetson confirm that this is Kevin Costner’s preferred hat off-set. This hat, with unmatched softness and durability, is waterproof and deserves to be at the top of your cowboy hat collection.
    Stetson Shasta Beaver Felt Cowboy Hat

  • The Stetson Open Road Royal Deluxe, another popular fur felt option, features a more refined silhouette but is equally iconic.
    Stetson Open Road Fur Felt Hat

  • The Bailey Lightning 4X offers a modern variant made from a blend of wool and angora felts, perfect for those seeking a western look with a quality finish.
    Bailey Lightning 4X Wool Felt & Angora Cowboy Hat

  • The Bailey Stampede cowboy hat is a must-have for its quality-price ratio, providing a cowboy style at a lower cost, made from wool felt. Find it at Henri Henri and on our online store!
    Bailey Stampede Wool Felt Cowboy Hat

  • The Bailey Landry cowboy hat is decorated with a studded felt band and made from 100% wool felt. It also features a lower and wider shape, giving it a unique look.
    Bailey Landry Wool Felt Cowboy Hat

  • The Stetson Llano 10X straw cowboy hat is a summer cowboy hat made from shantung straw. Lightweight, sturdy, ventilated, and water-resistant, it’s ready for hard work and rodeos!
    Stetson Llano Shantung Straw Cowboy Hat

A Broad Trend

The western trend is not limited to fashion. It also encompasses music, culture, and even lifestyles. From country music festivals to rodeo events, this cultural wave recalls the authenticity and freedom associated with the American West. This revival is particularly evident in the 2020s, as more people seek a connection to simpler values and enduring traditions. Discover our articles on the Lasso Montreal Festival and the Saint-Tite Western Festival on the Henri Henri Hat Blog!

At Henri Henri, we are thrilled to be part of this movement by providing quality hats that honor this rich tradition. Whether you are a fan of "Yellowstone" or simply looking for an authentic cowboy hat, our selection is sure to meet your expectations.

Explore our online collection and discover how a quality hat can transform your style. At Henri Henri, we have been perpetuating the heritage of hat-making since 1932, while embracing current trends that celebrate the western spirit.

Francis Bissonnette-Gilker
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