Maple Crowned Hats: Unveiling Iconic Headwear from Canada

At the heart of Canadian sartorial heritage lie hats that tell the rich and diverse story of the country. The iconic Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) hat embodies authority and service, with its distinctive wide brim design. It is a ubiquitous symbol of order and national pride.

Simultaneously, the First Nations of Canada offer unique and meaningful creations. Indigenous hats are not just accessories but works of art representing a deep connection to nature, history, and spirituality. Each pattern and material used carries cultural significance, making these hats living witnesses to age-old traditions.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Hat

Woman wearing the RCMP uniform

The iconic RCMP hat is a wide-brimmed headgear with a red crown and a black band, often referred to as the "red Stetson." It symbolizes the authority and service of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The RCMP hat is a globally recognized Canadian national symbol, proudly worn by RCMP members since the 19th century.



Jake Chanelle wearing a toque

The toque, often made of wool, is an iconic winter hat in Canada. It's frequently worn to protect against intense cold during the harsh winter months. The toque has become a symbol of Canadian fashion and is also associated with hockey culture, often worn by players and fans.


Tricorne Hat

Soldiers of the French Navy Free Companies wearing tricorne hats

The tricorne hat, with its three raised corners, evokes the colonial era and the early periods of Canadian history. The tricorne hat was popular among European settlers and military personnel in Canada during the 18th century.


Flat Cap

Little boy wearing a flat cap

The flat cap is an urban-style hat that has gained popularity in Canada, offering a casual and stylish look. Often associated with urban fashion and the artistic scene, the flat cap has become a modern trend in Canada.


Traditional Indigenous Hats

Indigienous ceremony in Canada

Traditional hats from First Nations vary depending on the specific Indigenous nation. They are often handcrafted with natural materials such as leather, fabric, and feathers. Each Indigenous hat tells a unique story, representing the culture, spirituality, and history of the creating nation. These hats are often worn during cultural events and significant ceremonies.


Beaver Felt Hat

Borsalino Beaver black fedora

The beaver felt hat is a classic headwear in Canada, made from beaver fur. It is appreciated for its durability, warmth, and historical significance in the fur trade industry. Trappers and explorers frequently used beaver felt hats due to their insulating qualities, making these hats an iconic element of Canadian history.

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