Getting Married in a Top Hat

Hooray for the Newlyweds!

This is it! The celebration of love is planned, and you are looking for a hat that symbolizes the reverence you have for your loved one, the importance of this celebration surrounded by your loved ones, and that exudes enough presence to make your wedding outfit the center of all attention!

Offered in different variations ranging from the most traditional to the most eccentric, the top hats offered at Henri Henri, the oldest millinery in Montreal, the top hats are able to meet all your needs for this day of the utmost importance!

Here is a little guide that presents the different styles of top hats offered at Henri Henri, and hopefully you will be better equipped to make a choice that reflects your vision of your wedding!

A Chic Wedding : The Traditional Top Hat

Since the 19th century, the top hat has been associated with the most solemn events and the greatest refinement. For weddings, men wear the silk top hat, or the fur top hat, the ultimate in luxury hats!

The Top Hat Fur Melusine by Christys’

Christys' Top Hat Fur Melusine
Made of silky, long-haired fur felt and mounted on a rigid wooden frame, the Top Hat Fur Melusine is the most luxurious authentic fur felt top hat offered in Montreal!

Made in England by famous London hatmaker Christys', which has been open since 1773, the Top Hat Fur Melusine hat is a rare piece that will not fail to underline the importance of the day of your union. Be the center of the show, and don the most luxurious hat in the country. 


Both Traditional and Reasonably Priced : The Wool Felt Top Hat

Top hats are expensive, requiring increasingly rare craftsmanship skills and ancient equipment. Nevertheless, it is still possible to style your head like a Lord without breaking the bank!

Christys' Wool Felt Top Hat Scala Damon Wool Felt Top Hat

Wool felt top hats, such as the Top Hat from Christys’, and the Damon hat from Scala are both under the $200 mark and are soberly formed, with an attention to detail and finish that will make many people envious! For a solemn and reasonably priced headwear, consider the wool felt top hat!


A Colorful Wedding : A Bold Top Hat

Who said that tradition and solemnity are incompatible with exuberance and creativity? Certainly not us! Many people consider their wedding day to be unique and special, and that the clothes, decorations and events surrounding it deserve to be equally unique and personal.

The Henri Henri hat shop invites you to explore our selection of extraordinary top hats, which stand out for their materials, their colors, their level of elaboration and their whimsical inspirations!


A Victorian Wedding

Scala Mad Hatter Wool Felt Top Hat

If the 19th century is still too recent, nothing prevents you from taking inspiration from the Victorian and Regency eras to find your top hat! Scala's Mad Hatter top hat, with its non-convex and very high crown, is reminiscent of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, or even the costumes dear to the theatrical world of Dickens' literature.


Un mariage Steampunk

American Hat Ghost Rider White Leather Top Hat American Hat El Dorado SR2 Band Leather Top Hat

If you're looking for panache and presence, look no further! Top hats from American Hat Makers are handcrafted from high-quality leather, and each has its own set of unique features that make it a must-have.

Between lace, sculptures, bas-reliefs, laser engravings, immaculate white leather and decorative masks, the leather top hats of the American Hat Makers company are inspired by the steampunk aesthetic, which combines Victorian dress codes with science fiction for a universe that overflows with creativity.

Don't let your wedding look just like any other! With a steampunk top hat you will make your wedding memorable in more than one way!

Francis Bissonnette-Gilker
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