Formal wear for Women

Browse our online hat store to discover our collection of chic, tasteful formal wear hats for women. Whether to attend a wedding, an official ceremony or any special occasion, you will find at Henri Henri the formal headwear to tie your outfit together an

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Formal Fedora Hats for Women

Whatever the occasion, a classic black fedora hat for women will always be a good choice to add a touch of discrete, elegant class to your outfits. This incredibly versatile style of hat can be worn in joyful and solemn celebrations. Whether it is for a wedding, a social event, or any ceremony requiring gravitas, opt for an elegant black fur felt fedora from Stetson or Borsalino, and rise to the occasion!

  • Top Hat: The Quintessential Formal Hat

The top hat is without a doubt the most formal hat you will encounter in western societies. For the longest time, they have been worn in the most solemn events and the most refined celebrations. Discover our selection of high quality top hats today and find the Christys’ London, Bailey or American Hat top hat that will match your prestance!

  • Bowler Hats & Derby Hats

A true symbol of stature and respectability, bowler hats and derby hats to this day still confer their wearers with an aura of dignity that is perfect for formal outings. Choose a bowler or derby hat today and add a touch of retro charm to your formal wear. Be it made of wool or fur felt, you will find your bowler or derby hat in our selection of formal wear for women.

Summer Formal Headwear for Women

Summer offers plenty of opportunities for you to get dressed up. Have a look at our great selection of genuine Panama straw hats for women, as well as at our selection of boater hats for an elegant beachside look. Browse our online store with fast shipping to find a classic and elegant hat that will improve your comfort and style under the hot summer sun!