Women’s Hats

Browse the widest selection of women’s hats available in Canada. Henri Henri offers both traditional and modern hat styles, from a varied range of prestigious brands such as Stetson, Henri Henri, Borsalino, and many more.

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Browse our Selection of Women’s Hats

Henri Henri is proud to offer you the widest selection of quality women’s hats in Canada. You will find on our shelves hats from prestigious brands such as Stetson, Borsalino, Bailey, Henri Henri, Akubra, Barmah, American Hat, and many more. Whether you are looking for a genuine panama hat, a fedora, a cloche or a robust outdoors hat, we have something for you!

Women’s Summer Hats

Henri Henri offers a wide range of options in women’s summer hats. Whether you are looking for a rugged sun hat for the great outdoors, a soft wide-brimmed hat for amazing looks, a bucket hat, or a simple everyday hat, browse our selection of straw and fabric hats for casual and formal occasions.

Unisex Hats

You may already know this, but hats that are generally considered “for men” are in fact unisex. Many exceptional women have made mens hats theirs and turned them into chic and feminine fashion accessories. Iconic performers such as Sarah Bernhardt, Marlene Dietrich, Rihanna, and Madonna have all succeeded in using hats as accessories that transcend gender boundaries.

Women’s Fedoras

Fedoras are the most widely recognized women’s hats in Canada: a soft felt hat with a shaped crown and classic brim, usually decorated with a bowed band. But did you know that fedoras were inspired by famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt? She played the part of countess Fedora in the play of the same name by French playwright Victorien Sardou, where she appeared wearing a soft felt tyrolean-style short-brimmed hat with an asymmetric brim.

Her performance inspired many hatters to create lines of soft felt hats. Prince Edward of Wales was one of the most famous early adopters of the style, which spread like wildfire and came to replace stiff felt hats such as top hats, bowlers, and homburg hats.H3: Mens Bowler Hats

Women’s Cloche Hats

The cloche hat is undoubtedly one of the most iconic shapes of women’s headwear out there. With its round crown and short asymmetric brim, it pairs perfectly with wool coats to achieve a vintage and classy look for formal and casual occasions.