Duckbill & Flat Caps for Women (Summer)

Choose a beautiful summer duckbill cap or flat cap for women to spend long days outside shielded from heat and UV rays! Find a practical and elegant, classy yet sporty summer cap today at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store!

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Jackson Silk

H2 : Summer Duckbill Caps for Women

The duckbill cap is a successful blend of styles between vintage and modern aesthetics. With its streamlined and sleek shape, the City Sport Bec de Canard Lin cap easily suits sporty, casual and classy outfits. A versatile summer flat cap for women, perfect for every occasion! Looking for another type of cap or hat? Come and discover our wide range of hats for women

H3 : Flat Cap: The Perfect Summer Hat 

Flat caps are undoubtedly one of the most iconic headwear styles of the 19th and 20th Century. They are often associated with countryside leisure and vintage urban working-class looks. You will often spot superbly fashionable summer flat caps for women anywhere from the hottest dancefloors to the driver’s seat of a classic roadster, from rustic golf courses to golden beaches. Choose a beatiful sports flat cap such as the Kangol Tropic 504 Ventair for a summer flat cap for women that surfs between sporty and chic with a comfortable, vented fit.

H3 : Kangol Duckbill Caps

The Kangol brand offers a selection of duckbill caps made in their signature Tropic fabric, a nylon blend with unparalleled ventilation and UV protection that is easy to clean and maintain. The Kangol Tropic 507 cap, Kangol Neo Geo 507 cap and Kangol SOS 507 cap are all great examples of stylish summer caps for women!

Do you want your peaky blinders style cap to match your partner's? You will find your happiness by discovering our range of flat caps for men.