Night Sky S Flat Brim Hat STETSON

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  • The Night Sky S hat by Stetson will make anyone starry-eyed! This flat-brimmed fedora is sprinkled with perforated 5-points stars that will give you a stellar look! Find it at the Henri Henri hat store, or on our online store with fast shipping!

Product details

A Star is Born

Those lucky enough to see you walking around with your Night Sky S hat will see you breeze by like a shooting star. With its wide, flat brim perforated with 5-point stars, the Night Sky S will surround you with your very own constellation.

This unisex fedora is made of firm finish wool felt to help it keep its bound edge brim flat. It features a teardrop crown, a classic grosgrain ribbon and long feather that adds a dreamy touch.

Inside, this Stetson hat features a soft satin lining and a comfortable faux leather sweatband. Wear the Night Sky S hat in every season, and bring the magic wherever you go!

Features of the Night Sky S

  • Material : Wool Felt
  • Shape : Fedora
  • Height : 4 ½” (11,43 cm)
  • Brim : 4” (10,16 cm)
  • Crown : Teardrop
  • Hat Band : Grosgrain
  • Lining : Satin
  • Sweatband : Faux Leather
  • Colors : Navy, Black
  • Sizes : S, M, L, XL
  • Season : Spring, Fall & Winter
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Stetson
  • Origin : Made in the USA.
  • Maintenance : To be cleaned and blocked at Henri Henri or by a professional hatter only. Remove dust with a horsehair brush.
  • Size Guide : Measure the circumference of your head at eyebrow ridge height, going slightly over the ears.


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