Summer Flat Caps for Men

Duckbills and Flat Caps are a perfect addition to any men's summer wardrobe. These comfortable, lightweight cap can easily suit formal wear and casual wear, keep your head cool and protected from harmful UV rays. Add a touch of vintage class to your summe

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Summer Duckbill Flat Cap for Men

The duckbill flat cap is a perfect blend of the classic look of the flat cap, with a modern sense of aesthetics. Its streamlined shape is flattering to every face shape and easily blends in any casual, chic or sport outfit. A versatile and flattering style perfect for any occasion!

Flat Cap for Men 

The flat cap is without a doubt one of the most iconic hats of the late 19th and early 20th century. Often associated with a working class, chic yet casual look, you can nowadays see flat caps worn on terraces, dancefloors, on golf courses, beaches, and one more than one convertible driver’s head. Choose a summer flat cap to adorn your head with a comfortable and vented hat that will make you stand out!

Kangol Duckbill and Flat Caps

The world-renowned Kangol brand offers a great variety of colorful and comfortable duckbill and flat caps for men in their signature Tropic fabric, a superbly vented blend of nylon that is easy to clean, which makes them perfect to wear in the heat of summer. The Kangol Tropic 507, Kangol Tropic 504 and Kangol Tropic 504 Ventair are all great specimens of versatile summer headwear. Browse our online store with fast shipping to find the Kangol duckbill or flat cap you are searching for today!

City Sport Duckbill and Flat Caps

Made of exquisite materials such as cotton, silk and linen, the City Sport summer duckbill and flat caps are the more chic penchant of the flat cap and duckbill hat spectrum. When you need a dressy cap to match your chic summer outfits, trust the expertise of the City Sport house. Come to Henri Henrr, the oldest hat store in Montreal, to find the City Sport duckbill or flat cap that will perfectly complete your look!

Men's Winter Flat Cap

The duckbill cap is not just a summer headwear! You can find great winter flat caps for men in our online store too! Looking for a different style of cap? Check out our selection of men's caps.