The Grand Story of Borsalino: Tradition, Elegance, and Cinema

For over a century, Borsalino hats have embodied excellence in the world of headwear. Founded in 1857 in Alessandria, Italy, by Giuseppe Borsalino, this renowned establishment has seamlessly combined artisanal tradition, timeless elegance, and undeniable influence in the world of cinema.


Borsalino's Exceptional Craftsmanship

Borsalino workshop

Borsalino's reputation rests significantly on its exceptional craftsmanship. Each hat is meticulously handcrafted, employing techniques passed down through generations. The carefully selected rabbit and beaver fur felt impart unparalleled quality to each piece.


An Icon of Timeless Elegance

Elegant man wearing a Borsalino hat

Borsalino hats are more than mere accessories; they symbolize timeless elegance that transcends fleeting fashion trends. Worn by generations of distinguished men and women, Borsalino hats make a style statement that endures.


Borsalino and Cinema: A Closely Knit Story

Borsalino Movie poster 

The history of Borsalino is closely intertwined with the film industry. From the early days of Italian cinema, Borsalino hats have adorned the heads of iconic actors. From classic films to contemporary productions, Borsalino continues to inspire creators and add a touch of timeless elegance to the screen.


Henri Henri: Guardian of the Tradition in Canada

At Henri Henri, the oldest hat shop in Canada, we take pride in upholding this exceptional tradition. Our exclusive collection of Borsalino hats in rabbit and beaver fur felt encapsulates the very essence of quality craftsmanship. Discover timeless elegance and sophistication with our carefully curated selection of Borsalino hats. Explore our Borsalino collection today and add a touch of timeless elegance to your style.

Francis Bissonnette-Gilker
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