Our Famous Customers: The Henri Henri Golden Book

Since 1932, Henri Henri hat shop has welcomed a plethora of famous customers, remarkable individuals who have left their mark on the history of Montreal and beyond. From Green Day to Louis-Jean Cormier, and from Stromae to many others, these illustrious visitors have brought their charisma and renown to our humble hat store, leaving behind unforgettable memories and captivating anecdotes.

A Few Anecdotes about Famous Customers of the Hat Shop

Green Day

We will always remember the day when the concierge of a prestigious hotel in Montreal called us to close the store for about an hour for some famous clients. Knowing the reputation of the hotel and the concierge, the owner replied yes without hesitation. Imagine our surprise when we saw the members of Green Day! The experience was most enjoyable, and the musicians left with their heads and hands full.


Over the years, the Abitibiwinni rapper Samuel Tremblay, better known by his stage name Samian, has become an unofficial member of the family. At various times during his career, he has been and remains one of our regular customers, and we consider ourselves privileged to have developed a warm relationship with him, even knowing the owners and some employees by their first names.

Jean Leloup 

Jean Leloup is undoubtedly one of our favorite famous customers. There's never a dull moment when he comes to the store! Very cheerful and passionate, we spend a lot of time trying on and discussing hats together, especially the most unique ones. It is always a great pride for us to see Jean Leloup wearing one of our hats on stage, during a TV appearance, or on an album cover.


Stromae was one of the clients whose visit to Henri Henri was most spectacular! During the filming of the documentary "Stromae dans la cour des grands" which traces the success of the singer-songwriter, the director asked us, a few hours before a performance at the now-defunct Métropolis (now M-Telus), if we were willing to welcome the camera crew to film Stromae as he explores the hat shop. You can still witness this high-energy visit full of laughter by watching the documentary Stromae dans la cour des grands, released in 2012.


The members of the Canadian band Alexisonfire don't act like celebrities. When they all came to visit us together before a concert, we were delighted to discuss fashion and hats with them, and they shared fascinating anecdotes about their artistic journey. They left with their foreheads covered in felt and left us with faces full of smiles!

Louis-Jean Cormier 

Louis-Jean Cormier is undoubtedly one of our most enthusiastic ambassadors. It's not uncommon to see him walk through the doors of the hat shop, whether it's to purchase a head covering (which oddly enough will be extensively photographed in the following hours), to maintain one of his many quality hats, or simply to browse the new arrivals for the pleasure of being at Henri Henri. Mr. Cormier is probably one of the personalities who has the most impact on hat fashion because as soon as he wears one during an appearance, we are asked the next day by many customers, "Where is Louis-Jean Cormier's hat?"


An Overview of our Most Famous Customers

  • ANDERSON, Josh: Hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens. 
  • ARMSTRONG, Billy Joe: Singer and guitarist (Green Day). 
  • BADOURI, Rachid: Quebecois comedian. BALDWIN, Alec: American actor. 
  • BASSET, Angela: American actress, producer, and director. 
  • BELLEFEUILLE, François: Quebecois comedian. 
  • BERGERON, Jean-Pierre: Quebecois actor. 
  • BEVERT, Guy: Guadeloupean drummer, percussionist, and singer (Compagnie Créole). 
  • BINETTE, Michel: Quebecois sculptor. 
  • BOCK-CÔTÉ, Mathieu: Quebecois sociologist, essayist, and columnist. 
  • BONGO, Ali: Gabonese statesman, President of the Republic since October 16, 2009. 
  • BRANDO, Marlon: American actor and director. 
  • BREAU, Jean-François: Singer-songwriter and singer. 
  • BYRON, Paul: Professional athlete (NHL, Montreal Canadiens). 
  • CABREL, Francis: French singer-songwriter. 
  • CALLIARI, Marco: Quebecois guitarist and singer (Anonymus, solo). 
  • CARMEN, Marie: Quebecois singer. 
  • CHAMBERLAIN, Richard: American actor. 
  • CHAMPAGNE, Louis: Quebecois actor and screenwriter. 
  • CHARRON, Claude: Quebecois politician, journalist, and television host (Parti Québécois, TVA, SRC). 
  • CHOQUETTE, Alain: Quebecois illusionist. 
  • COALLIER, Jean-Pierre: Quebecois actor, radio, and television host (founder of Radio Classique Montreal). 
  • COLLIN, Pierre: French draftsman, painter, and engraver. 
  • COOL, Tré: Drummer (Green Day). CORBEIL, Yves: Quebecois actor, dubber, and television host. 
  • CORCORAN, Jim: Quebecois singer-songwriter (Jim et Bertrand, solo). 
  • CORMIER, Louis-Jean: Quebecois singer-songwriter (Karkwa, Solo). 
  • CORNEILLE: Quebecois singer of Rwandan origin. 
  • CÔTÉ, Michel: Quebecois actor. 
  • DANAULT, Philippe: Hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings. 
  • DE NIRO, Robert: American actor, director, and producer. 
  • DESCHAMPS, Yvon: Quebecois monologist and comedian. 
  • DESCHAMPS, Martin: Quebecois musician. 
  • DIRNT, Mike: Bassist (Green Day). 
  • DRAPEAU, Jean: Mayor of Montreal (1954-1957, 1960-1986). 
  • DUFORT, Patrick Joseph: Quebecois actor. 
  • DUFRESNE, Diane: Quebecois singer, actress, and painter.
  • FRANCOEUR, Louis-Gilles: Quebecois journalist (Le Devoir). 
  • GADOUAS, Daniel: Quebecois actor and poet (author of Quebec Love). 
  • GAGNON, Lysiane: Quebecois journalist (La Presse, The Globe and Mail). 
  • GAINEY, Bob: Player, general manager, and executive VP of the Montreal Canadiens. 
  • GALLANT, Patsy: Acadian singer and actress. 
  • GAUDETTE, Maxime: Quebecois actor. 
  • GERMAIN, Jean-Claude: Quebecois screenwriter, writer, playwright, author, journalist, lyricist, and historian. 
  • GIRARD, Samuel: Quebecois short track speed skater. 
  • GREEN, Dallas: Canadian musician (Alexisonfire). 
  • H, Arthur: French singer-songwriter. 
  • HACKMAN, Gene: American actor and novelist. 
  • HALEY, Travis: American bassist (Steel Panther). 
  • HASTINGS, Jordan: Canadian musician (Alexisonfire). 
  • HILTON, Dave (Senior and Junior): Quebecois boxers. 
  • HOUDE, Germain: Quebecois actor. 
  • KEAN, Simon: Quebecois Olympic boxer. 
  • HUDSON, Dominique: Quebecois singer-songwriter. 
  • LAFOND, Guillaume: Quebecois musician. 
  • LALONDE, Marc: Quebecois politician and lawyer. 
  • LAMBERT, Yves: Singer-songwriter (Founding member, La Bottine Souriante). 
  • LAPOINTE, Éric: Quebecois popular singer. 
  • LATULIPPE, Gilles: Quebecois comedian, actor, and screenwriter. 
  • LAURENDEAU, Marc: Quebecois comedian, actor, journalist, teacher, and radio and television host. 
  • LAVOIE, Daniel: Franco-Manitoban singer-songwriter. 
  • LELOUP, Jean: Quebecois singer-songwriter. 
  • LEPAGE, Gaston: Quebecois actor. 
  • LEPAGE, Guy A.: Quebecois actor, comedian, and producer. 
  • LÉVIS-BEAULIEU, Victor: Quebecois writer and playwright. 
  • MACNEIL, Wade: Canadian musician (Alexisonfire). 
  • MAKONNEN, Rebecca. 
  • MATTE, Martin: Quebecois comedian. 
  • MEIZEI, Laszlo: Canadian photographer of Hungarian origin. 
  • MENARD, Serge: Quebecois criminal lawyer and politician. 
  • MESMER (Éric Normandin): Quebecois hypnotist. 
  • MONSIEUR POINTU (Paul Cormier): Quebecois fiddler. 
  • MIKALOFF, Byron: Guitarist and singer (The Lost Fingers). 
  • MITSOU: Popular Quebecois singer and television host. 
  • MINISTRY: American metal band. 
  • MURPHY, Eddie: American comedian, musician, and actor. 
  • NADON, Guy: Quebecois actor and dubber. 
  • NIHOUARN, Tristan: French singer-songwriter (Matmatah). 
  • NORMAND, Patrick: Quebecois country singer. 
  • NORTON, Edward: American actor, producer, and director. 
  • PAGLIARO, Michel: Montreal singer-songwriter. 
  • PAINCHAUD, Jonathan: Quebecois musician. 
  • PAINCHAUD, Eloi: Musician, composer, and arranger. 
  • PELCHAT, Mario: Quebecois singer and producer. 
  • PERREAU, Yan: Quebecois singer-songwriter. 
  • PETIT, George: Canadian musician (Alexisonfire). 
  • PITT, Brad: American actor and producer. 
  • POTVIN, Sylvie: Quebecois actress. 
  • PROULX, Gilles: Quebecois radio and television host. 
  • RICHARD, Zachary: American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and poet. 
  • RIVARD, Michel: Quebecois singer-songwriter (Beau Dommage, solo). 
  • ROBITAILLE, Mathieu: Participant in Occupation Double. 
  • ROUSSEAU, Stéphane: Quebecois comedian, host, and actor. 
  • SAINT-PIERRE, Raymond: Quebecois journalist. 
  • SAMIAN: Quebecois rapper. 
  • SHEEN, Charlie: American actor, writer, and producer. 
  • STARR, Michael: American singer (Steel Panther). 
  • STEELE, Chris: Canadian musician (Alexisonfire). 
  • STROMAE: Belgian singer-songwriter, composer, producer. 
  • SUTHERLAND, Donald: Canadian actor. 
  • SUTHERLAND, Kiefer: Canadian actor and singer. 
  • TAHA, Rachid: French singer-songwriter (Carte de Séjour, solo). 
  • TAPPIN, Arturo: Barbadian saxophonist. 
  • TRAN, Steve: French actor of Vietnamese origin. 
  • TRAVOLTA, John: American actor, singer, dancer, and pilot. 
  • VIGNEAULT, Gilles: Quebecois singer-songwriter and poet. 
  • VOISINE, Roch: Singer-songwriter from New Brunswick. 
  • WILLIAMS, Slim: American arranger and producer. 
  • WILLIS, Bruce: American actor, producer, and singer born in Germany.
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