Hipster Hats: 5 Trendy Headwear Choices of the Modern Urbanite

In the vibrant city of Montreal, where fashion and culture intertwine, Henri Henri hat store stands as a beacon of timeless style. With our roots dating back to 1932, we have witnessed the evolution of headwear trends firsthand. Today, we delve into the world of hipster hats, exploring the distinctive styles that define the modern urbanite. From fedoras to beanies, each hat tells a story and embodies the essence of the contemporary hipster.


The Fedora

Man wearing a fedora

Embracing Vintage Elegance, the Fedora, with its wide brim and creased crown, exudes classic charm. Often made from materials like wool or felt, the fedora offers a perfect blend of sophistication and nonchalant style. Hipsters are drawn to the fedora's vintage appeal, wearing it with tailored suits or a combination of modern and retro-inspired outfits.


The Flat Cap: 

Man wearing a newsboy cap

A Fusion of Tradition and Trend Also known as a newsboy cap or an ivy cap, the flat cap has made a significant comeback in recent years. With its rounded shape and a small brim, this hat complements both casual and semi-formal looks. Made from tweed or other textured fabrics, the flat cap adds a touch of classic elegance to hipster ensembles.


The Trilby: 

Man wearing a trilby

A Dapper Hat with an Edgy Twist Similar in appearance to the fedora, the trilby boasts a shorter brim and a pinched crown. It has become an emblematic accessory for hipsters, who infuse it with their own unique sense of style. Whether paired with skinny jeans and a graphic tee or a vintage-inspired suit, the trilby adds a touch of sophistication with a contemporary edge.


The Beanie: 

Hipster waring a beanie

Comfort and Versatility A staple in the hipster wardrobe, the beanie offers warmth and versatility in colder months. This close-fitting, knitted cap can be worn slouchy or cuffed, depending on personal preference. Made from materials like wool or acrylic, beanies come in various colors and patterns, allowing hipsters to express their individuality while staying cozy.


The Panama Hat: 

Hipster wearin a Panama hat

A Summer Essential For hipsters embracing the warm summer days, the Panama hat is a go-to accessory. Crafted from natural materials like straw, this lightweight hat features a wide brim and a characteristic pinched crown. Its timeless design pairs well with bohemian-inspired outfits, making it a stylish choice for festivals or lazy days by the beach.

Hipster hats serve as more than just fashionable head coverings. They represent an attitude, a way of life, and a desire to stand out in a crowd. From the vintage elegance of the fedora to the casual coolness of the beanie, each hat embodies the spirit of the modern urbanite. At Henri Henri, we celebrate the diverse styles and trends that define Montreal's hat culture, ensuring that hipsters and hat enthusiasts alike can find the perfect headwear to express their individuality.

Francis Bissonnette-Gilker
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