4 Types of Baseball Caps

4 Types of Baseball Caps

This entry of the Henri Henri Hat Blog is all about baseball caps and their influence on fashion. Learn about its history, from its inception to worldwide favorite status as the cap of choice for sports, style, and comfort!

The Beginnings: The Baseball Fields of the Late 1800s

Tim Jordan, Brooklyn Dodgers Vintage Baseball Player

In the professional and amateur baseball leagues of 19th Century America, players would often wear short-brimmed, military-style cloth caps or newsboy caps as part of their uniform. 

It was the Brooklyn Excelsiors who first wore what we would recognize today as a baseball cap as part of their uniform. Taking hints from the 8-panel construction of the newsboy cap and the large flat horizontal plane of the military cap, this hybrid allowed for a large embroidered logo to be easily visible from a distance, while adequately shielding the players’ eyes from the sun.

Today, the baseball cap has transcended its original purpose. It has become an infinitely customizable canvas on which individuals and brands can advertise their individuality and casual fashion sense with style and comfort! Find yours today at Henri Henri, the oldest hat store in Canada!


What Are the Different Types of Baseball Caps?

There are many options to choose from when considering what fit suits you best in a baseball cap. The main fitting systems for baseball caps you will encounter are the following ones:

  • Snapback Caps
    Goorin Snapback Cap

Snapback caps are the most widespread. They consist of two straps of plastic, one fitted with studs and one fitted with a series of holes. They allow you to change the fit of your cap by snapping the studs at a length that suits you best. Snapback caps will fit most head sizes, they can however be too snug to accommodate head sizes 7 ⅝” (61 cm) and up.


  • Strapback Caps
    Kangol Washed Baseball Cap

Strapback caps are similar to snapbacks in that they allow for a great range of size adjustments. They do however differ in that they include a single cloth or leather strap, which is fastened to the right size by a metallic clip or washers. They allow for a finer size tuning, however they typically prove difficult to fit for sizes 7 ½” (60 cm) and up.


  • Stretch-Fit Caps
    Kangol Wool Flexfit Baseball

Stretch-fit caps are, in our humble opinion, the epitome of comfort in a baseball cap. They are fitted with an elastic cloth sweatband and feature stretchable textiles in their fabric to allow the baseball cap to comfortably follow the exact contour of your head, providing a sensation of optimal, tailored-like fit. Stretch-fit caps are usually offered in size range increments that accommodate a broad range of head sizes, sometimes including sizes XXL (7 ¾” - 62 cm) and above.


  • Fitted Caps
    Stetson Europe Army Cap Cotton

Fitted caps are not customizable. They come in precise sizes and are usually made of delicate or precious fabrics and materials such as fine linen, wool felt, leather, silk, and others. They tend to shrink over time just like any other cap, however, the absence of an adjustment system makes it necessary to have access to a hat stretcher for long-term care.

Baseball caps are more than just a sports accessory; they're a symbol of style, comfort, and cultural identity. At the Henri Henri hat store, we embrace the wide array of baseball cap styles. Whether for a game, a casual outing, or a fashion statement, our collection ensures that enthusiasts and everyday wearers alike can find a cap that not only fits their head but also their lifestyle, reflecting their unique personality and the dynamic spirit of the city.

Francis Bissonnette-Gilker
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