Hat Box in Canada

Nothing compares to a proper hat box when the time comes for moving, storing or travelling with your hat. Choose a quality Henri Henri hat box in Canada to help preserve the shape of your hat and shelter it from dust and sun.

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Bailey Luxury Hat Box
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Bailey Luxury Hat Box

Henri Henri Box

The Henri Henri hat box is made of corrugated cardboard, which makes it lightweight and practical. Thanks to its raised bottom and support ring, it helps preserve the shape of both the brim and the crown of your hat. The Henri Henri hat storage box can fit hats with the maximum dimensions of 31 cm X 34 cm, so it can accommodate small medium and large hats.

Buy a Bailey Deluxe Hat Box in Canada

If you are looking for a gorgeous vintage hat box in Canada, with a solid, hard case, think of the Bailey Deluxe hat box. Closeable with a metal latch, this hat box is lined on the inside and finished with vinyl on the outside for an amazing luxurious look. This box with lid is perfect to maintain your hat’s crisp aspect, whether for travelling or for long and short-term storage. 

Can I Travel Without a Hat Box?

If you do not own a hat box, there is a way to travel safely with your hat. If you have a hard shell suitcase:

  1. Place clothes in a circular fashion along the bottom of the case, leaving an empty circular space;
  2. Place your hat upside down, leaving the crown inside the hollow circle and letting the brim of the hat rest on its edge.
  3. Fill the inside with the crown with smaller articles of clothing, such as socks, and top it all off by laying a few layers of flat clothing over the hat.

This way, your hat should stay stable during transportation once you have closed your luggage.