Panizza Hats

The world-renowned Tuscan brand offers a vast choice of affordable and stylish unisex hats. Browse our selection of wool and fur felt trilby, fedora, safari hats and genuine Panama straw hats at Henri Henri, Canada’s oldest hat store, or online!

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Panizza Hats: An Italian Tradition Since 1879

Panizza hats have been handmade in Tuscany since the company’s foundation in 1879. Each shape is uniquely designed to complement a wide variety of silhouettes and face shapes.

Some consider hats to be a mere accessory. Panizza thinks hats are the centerpiece of your outfit, the same way you are the protagonist of your own life. Women and men who choose Panizza hats love to travel, to overcome challenges, they appreciate the sophistication of luxury and the thrill of adventure. Come find the Panizza hat that will conquer your heart and style at Henri Henri

Panizza Felt Hat

Panizza specializes in crafting high-quality felt hats. Each creation is so well designed that for many years, we have sold beautiful fedoras such as the Panizza Barri and Panizza Pistoia hats to men and women of all ages, who all appreciate their comfort and exquisite styling.

Panizza Caps

The Panizza Dutch cap has long been a star of our winter flat caps lineup. Made of wool and cashmere, its brim is not sown to the crown, allowing you to slat it sideways and backwards to personalize it with your own unique style.