Why Do They Say "Mad Hatter"?

The term "Mad Hatter" instantly conjures images of eccentric and erratic characters in the realm of hats. But where did this expression originate, and why is it so familiar? Let us shed light on the history of this curious expression while inviting you to explore our incredible range of high-quality hats at henrihenri.ca.

Ancient hatters at work

The phrase "Mad Hatter" has deep historical roots and is closely connected to the hat-making industry. In the 18th and 19th centuries, hatters used chemicals such as mercury to treat the felt used in hat production. Unfortunately, mercury had detrimental health effects, and prolonged exposure to this substance could lead to severe neurological disorders, including madness. Hat-making workers were, thus, exposed to high levels of mercury, resulting in a range of debilitating symptoms.

Among these symptoms were trembling, speech difficulties, hallucinations, and erratic behavior. These effects contributed to the creation of the "Mad Hatter" stereotype. This image was popularized by Lewis Carroll in his iconic literary work, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," where the character of the Mad Hatter perfectly embodies this eccentricity.

Fortunately, hat-making methods have come a long way since then, eliminating the risks associated with mercury-induced madness. Today, hatters are skilled artisans creating high-quality pieces without the perils of mercury-induced madness.


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Mad Hatter Top Hat by Scala

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