Fedora Hats for Women

The women’s Fedora hat is an excellent fashion accessory and at the same time a necessity to protect oneself from the elements. Be it made of felt or straw, for summer or winter, there is a women’s Fedora hat made for you.

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The Fedora, a hat Inspired by a Woman

Did you know that the now-famous Fedora hat was inspired by the Russian Countess Fedora, a character portrayed by famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt in Victorien Sardou's iconic play? The Fedora character in this play wore a Tyrolean style hat with a bowed ribbon and a crown creased on top and pinched in front, a style so iconic that we now refer to it as the classic crown.

This stage apparition inspired many hat designers to create their own version of the Fedora hat. These were so popular that prominent figures, such as Edward, Prince of Wales, started wearing them on a regular basis, starting a trend that eventually dislodged the bowler hat as the go-to hat for casual and everyday wear. A number of women's rights organizations have also adopted the Fedora as a symbol of their efforts to achieve gender equality.

Women’s Felt and Straw Fedoras

Fedoras were originally designed as felt hats, better suited to keep the heat in. However, the style became so popular that many designers decided to shape their straw and fabric summer hats in Fedora fashion. Nowadays, you can find women’s Fedora hats made of the most exotic straws and finest fabrics, allowing you to wear a Fedora hat in any season.

How to Recognize a Fedora Hat for Women

The traditional way to identify whether a Fedora hat was designed for women, you have to look over which ear the buckle of the hat’s ribbon fell on. Originally, women’s Fedora hats had their buckle fall over the right ear of the wearer, an old school rule still followed by some of our women’s Fedora hats. However, men’s Fedora hats are nowadays considered unisex.